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Mr. Blessings
Name: Peter Lessing
Birthday: 1.Mai
Instrument: vocals
i like: enthusiasm
i dont like: jealousy & hate
cry to the world: Go and ride a wave!
furthermore: believe in yourself!

Name: Konstantin Zwitter
Birthday: 15.September
Instrument: vocals
I like: high grade
I dont like: low grade
Cry to the world: Inity and Love str8
Furthermore: love life, live love
Senior Martinez

Name: Martin Riegelnegg
Birthday: 3. April
Instrument: Keyboards
I like: Jakarta
I dont like: Windows
Cry to the world: Hello!
Furthermore: See You
Killah Stixx

Name: Klaus Fürstner
Birthday: 24. Dezember
Instrument: Drums
I like: Spongebob
I dont like: dishonesty
Cry to the world: Uuaaaa!
Furthermore: Dont know.
King Alvis
Name: Alvis Reid
Birthday: 19. Oktober
Instrument: Bass
I like: Humility
I dont like: Narcissism
Cry to the world: Live, Love and be Liberal
Furthermore: We are one people!
Irie Börnz
Name: Bernhard Neumaier
Birthday: 8. November
Instrument: trombone
I like: beer & concerts
I dont like: empty fridge
Cry to the world:dont let them fool you
Joe Fox

Name: Josef Fuchsberger
Birthday: 27.Jänner
Instrument: Trumpet
I like: Millions on Tour
I dont like: traffic
Cry to the world: Just do it
Furthermore: Relax!

Name: Matthias Löscher
Birthday: 27.Oktober
Instrument: Guitars
I like: Good Groove...
I dont like: Ox tails
Cry to the world: PEACE!
Furthermore: Still riding Trane
Super Mario

Name: Mario Schwarz
Birthday: 10.9.1979
Instrument: mixing console
I like: "yes"
I dont like: "no"
Cry to the world: yes!
Furthermore: ...

It all started in May 2007. Peter aka Mr. Blessings wrote his first few songs and published them on a free download site that a friend of his had programmed. On the very first day those songs got over a thousand downloads. Newspapers started reporting about 'Peter from Styria' (amongst others City Mag ? Vienna, 'Austrian of the week') and a few regional radio stations took up playing two of his songs in rotation mode.

Soon he was offered some gigs and so he asked some musician friends to join his band. Consisting of only four members in the beginning, the band soon expanded. Mc i-razor aka Bomba samurai, whom Peter met at an open-stage concert, joined first. Not long after, beginning of 2007, Martin Riegelnegg, a keyboarder, completed the band. For the time being.

A month after, Millions of dreads produced two songs with the successful producer and former 'Ausseer Hardbradler' guitarist Ernst Gottschmann, one of which ('Another day') made it into the finals of the ?3-Soundcheck two months later.

After dozens of concerts followed the full-length album 'Hands up' in May 2008. The first ten shows of the 'Hands up'-tour were supported by a trumpet player, a trombone player and two background singers. This 10-headed-constellation was enjoyed to such extent that the band decided to continue playing like this for the next two years to come. National and international gigs such as the Chiemsee Reggae Summer, Donauinselfest and World Bodypainting Festival followed. During this time the band produced a music video to the single 'Schwoaza Mann' in cooperation with the artists Brons & Miz Justice. The clip not only took first place at the Rocking Movies Awards (Graz) and the Content Awards (Vienna) but was also shown at the Kunsthaus Vienna for a whole year.

After the summer 2010 'Love is the way'-tour, they went back to the studio to produce the album 'Im Wandel'. In summer 2012 Millions Of Dreads released the Single-Vinyl 'Summazeit'. The languages used in it are English, German, Spanish and Patois covering roots reggae, dancehall, dub and drum'n'bass. The average amount of gigs played per year is 50.

Millions Of Dreads are:
Peter Lessing aka Mr. Blessings - vocals
Konstantin Zwitter aka I-Razor - vocals
Martin Riegelnegg aka Senior Martinez - keyboards
Klaus F?rstner aka Killah Stix - drums
Alvis Reid - bass
Matthias L?scher aka MattE - guitar
Bernhard Neumaier aka Irie B?rnz - trombone
Josef Fuchsberger aka Joe Fox - trumpet
Mario Schwarz aka Super Mario - audio engineer

Important facts:

EP-release - `Millions Of Dreads`, 'Austrian of the week' in the Viennese magazine 'City'

Millions of Dreads gets into the finals of the ?3-Soundcheck interviews with Atv and Orf, the song 'Another day' is published on several samplers; airplay on national radio stations ?3 and Fm4 and on regional ones like Radio Soundportal and others in- and outside of Austria

LP-release ? 'Hands up' concerts at the Bodypainting Festival, Donauinselfest etc; production of the video clip 'Schwoaza Mann'; 'Schwoaza Mann' is published on several samplers; airplay on Fm4 and Radio Soundportal and other regional stations in- and outside of Austria.

Single-release ? 'Schwoaza Mann' ? 7-inch vinyl record concerts at the Chiemsee Reggae Summer 09 etc; interviews with Antenne Steiermark, Radio Soundportal, Falter and many more; airplay on Fm4 and Radio Soundportal and other regional stations in- and outside of Austria.

EP- release ? 'Love is the way'
Three tours with over 50 concerts in Austria, Germany and Slovenia; airplay on Fm4 and Radio Soundportal and other regional stations in- and outside of Austria.

LP- release ? 'Im Wandel'
CD-release-tour across Austria

Single-release ? 'Summazeit' ? 7-inch vinyl record


2012 - Summazeit - EP
2011 - Im Wandel - LP
2010 - Love Is The Way - EP
2009 - Schwoaza Mann - 7inch Vinyl
2008 - Hands Up - LP
2007 - Nature Vibrations - EP
2006 - Millions Of Dreads - EP